Andrew S. Medina - CEO

Andrew is a native of Albuquerque. After graduating from St. Pius, he began working in the local construction industry, where, over the next ten years he learned invaluable experience and a desire to enter into the surveying portion of construction.

Andrew graduated with honors in 1989 with his certificate in Civil and Surveying Technology from the Albuquerque, Technical-Vocatinal Institute and was soon hired by one of the largest surveying companies in Albuquerque. Over the next six years, he worked hard at gaining knowledge and experience in the surveying industry.

In 1995, Andrew established his own surveying company, Sandia Land Surveying, LLC with his wife Christina. Andrew is a dedicated, honest and hard working business man.

Christina A. Medina, President

Christina is a native of New Mexican, born and raised in Santa Fe. The youngest of eight children, she leaned the art of compromise and a hard work ethic at an early age.

Christina attended the University of New Mexico where it was often necessary to work three to four part-time jobs in order to put herself through school. Her hard work paid off and in 1991 she received a dual degree in International and General Management from the Anderson Schools of Management.

After working in the private sector for a few years, Christina returned to Anderson School and after two more years of study, she received her MBA in Human Resources and Organizational Behavior Management.

In 1995, she helped establish Sandia Land Surveying, LLC with her husband Andrew. Their hard work ethic and synergy made Sandia Land Surveying, LLC an instant sucess.